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Building Insurance

Protect your asset and belongings

Building Insurance

Co-operative Housing Society bye-laws in Maharashtra specify, “The Society shall insure its building/buildings necessarily against risk of fire and earthquake”.

Typically an Insurance policy would cover Fire, Natural calamities and Accidental damage, Insuring your housing society safe guards the occupants against a major loss in the event of unforeseen circumstances.

Insurance Policy for housing society are mainly of two types;
Building Structure coverage insures the structure and can include additional structures on the same site such as garages, compound walls, gates, septic tanks, water tanks and solar panels.

Contents Cover insures articles or things inside the home such as furniture, electronic items, kitchen equipment, clothing, apparel etc.

Additional clauses for liability coverage will take care of instances when visitors or staff are injured at your premises. Liability coverage insures expenses such as medical bills and legal fees that would otherwise have to be incurred by the building society.

Our team will get you the best Insurance coverage making sure that all unforeseen events are covered and risks arising from such events are minimized.

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