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Clean water and conserve water


"Wastewater treatment systems eliminate disease-causing bacteria, kill harmful organisms, and reduce water consumption of water. It filters out such contaminants making it safe for use to water the garden.
We have implemented a system where this water is stored in tanks and used for gardening as well as flushing toilets. This reduces the demand on fresh water sources and is very important to alleviate the pressure on natural water.

Some of the financial benefits are
1. Connection to the local sewage network is not required and it does away with reliance on an external system with its attending problems of service and maintenance.
2. The plant has a long service life and is operationally cost effective. Maintenance and power requirements run the plant are minimal.
3. Municipal corporation has given a rebate to individual home owners on their house tax.
4. Society Electricity unit rates have been reduced due to implementation of multiple environmentally friendly objectives.

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